Power Almanac’s local government contact database includes over 13,000 Heads of Law Enforcement. The Head of Law Enforcement is responsible for overseeing the operations of the local law enforcement agency, ensuring public safety, enforcing laws, and protecting the community. The role is typically referred to as the Chief of Police or Sheriff, depending on the jurisdiction.


  • Develop and implement strategies to prevent and combat crime, maintaining law and order, and protecting the community from threats
  • Work collaboratively with other local, state, and federal agencies to address crime and public safety issues
  • Coordinate efforts with prosecutors, courts, and other law enforcement entities to ensure the effective administration of justice
  • Establish departmental policies, procedures, and protocols to guide the work of officers and staff

Head of Law Enforcement Contact Information Collected

Power Almanac collects the following information for every role, including the Heads of Law Enforcement, so you can build and maintain the best local government email lists and mailing lists possible.

  • Official’s First Name
  • Official’s Last Name
  • Official’s Title
  • Official’s Role
  • Official’s Mailing Address – Street/Box number
  • Official’s Mailing Address – Suite Number
  • Official’s Mailing Address – City
  • Official’s Mailing Address – State
  • Official’s Mailing Address -Zip Code
  • Official’s Phone Number 
  • Official’s Phone Number Extension
  • Official’s Email Address

Reporting Structure and Occurrence

  • In a city government, the Head of Law Enforcement may report directly to the mayor or city manager, who serves as the executive overseeing various departments, including the police department
  • In a county government, the Head of Law Enforcement may report to a board of commissioners or county executive
  • Some jurisdictions have a police commission or civilian oversight board responsible for providing guidance and oversight to the law enforcement agency – in such cases, the Head of Law Enforcement may report to the commission or board
  • In certain jurisdictions, law enforcement may be part of a broader public safety department that includes other emergency services such as fire and emergency medical services – in this structure, the Head of Law Enforcement may report to the director or chief of the public safety department
  • Sheriffs generally serve in elected positions

Titles You Might Expect

  • Police Chief
  • Sheriff
  • Chief of Police
  • Public Safety Director
  • Town Marshal
  • Director of Public Safety
  • Police Commissioner
  • Police Marshal
  • Police Superintendent
  • Chief Marshal

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