Cost-effectively market your products and services to the right key decision makers at the right local governments.

Every Subscription Plan Includes:

  • Unlimited use of contact data during your subscription
  • Unlimited users in your organization
  • Easy, quick download in Excel/CSV IT support not required
  • 100% phone-verified information
  • Free updates

Choose the plan that best suits your needs

See our Plan Selection Guide below for tips on which to choose.   You can also contact our sales department: 650-539-2340 x2 or go to


100 Records *


  • 3 Months
  • $0
  • 90 Cents for Each Additional Record Over 100


15,000 Records


/ record

  • Annual Subscription**
  • $5,400/year
  • 36 Cents for Each Additional Record Over 15,000


75,000 Records


/ record

  • Annual Subscription**
  • $12,000/year
  • 16 Cents for Each Additional Record Over 75,000


* Free 100 credits provided once per organization.

** The full annual fee is due upon sign-up.  The reason is simple:  when you subscribe, we give you immediate access to all of your download credits. You can use them all on your first day, or throughout your 1-year subscription period.

Plan Selection Guide

It’s easy to see how many records you’ll need.  Just start a free trial (no credit card required) and use our search filters.  Or use the guidelines in the table below.

Subscription PlanBest For Your Organization If
Free Trial (100 Records)
• You are new to Power Almanac
• You’d like to verify the accuracy and quality of our data before making a commitment
Power 15 (15,000 Records)***Your target market for local governments is very focused on:
• Only 1 of our 18 decision maker roles OR
• Only local governments representing large populations OR
• Only local governments in just one region of the US

Most cost-effective plan if you’ll need 5,000-35,000 records.
Power 75 (75,000 Records)***If Power 15 is too small, and Power Max is overkill, then Power 75 is the plan for you.

Most cost-effective plan if you’ll need 35,000-105,000 records.
Power Max (290,000+ Records)Local governments are a critical market for you, and you want to reach:
• Local governments across the US
• Local governments of all sizes
• Officials in multiple decision-making roles

Most cost-effective plan if you’ll need more than 105,000 records.


*** Power 15 & Power 75 subscribers can purchase more records during their subscription period at the same cost/record.