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Power Almanac is the most COMPLETE, ACCURATE, and POWERFUL source of local government decision-maker contact data available.

Records include: first name | last name | role | title | email | phone | address | population | government type | and more for 100,000’s of local government decision makers.

Cut Through the Title Maze with ROLE IntelligenceTM

Quickly access key contacts grouped by their decision-making roles.

330,000 Local Government Decision-Making Contacts are a Click Away


  • Top Appointed Executive (e.g. the City/County Manager)
  • Deputy Top Appointed Executive (e.g. the Assistant City/County Manager)
  • Top Elected Official (e.g. the Mayor)
  • Governing Board Members (e.g. the Council Members)


  • GIS
  • Health Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Finance
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Buildings
  • IT
  • HR

*Don’t see the role you need? Let us know! The role you need may be coming soon.

Why Leading Local Government Marketers Rely On Us

Power Almanac roles icon

Roles – NOT Titles

ROLE IntelligenceTM

  • Exclusive ROLE-BASED system
  • No gambling on misleading titles
  • Never miss a contact opportunity just because you don’t know the hundreds of relevant job titles
  • Clear roles with defined responsibilities

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Comprehensive Reach = More Opportunities

  • 222,000 local governments
  • Approx. 330,000 records
  • Email/phone for top executives, mayors & department heads

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100% Phone-Verified

Higher Accuracy Saves Money & Time

  • Contacts you can count on
  • 100% Phone-Verified records– 2x more accurate than web-scraping
  • We call every local government every 3 months. Average age of records is 11 weeks.

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Decision Makers

Connect Directly to Decision Makers

  • ALL leads have purchasing power
  • No junior staff “fillers”

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Precise Targeting

Precisely Pinpoint Government Segments

  • Target your desired local governments
  • 11 powerful filters (population, location, government spending, etc.)

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Easy, Unlimited Use

It’s Not Complicated

  • Select and download your target records in a snap
  • Download updated records for free
  • Unlimited use and unlimited users

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CRM Compatible

Most Up-to-Date Contact Info on the Market

  • Easily upload date-stamped records to your CRM
  • Receive an alert when your records are updated, then quickly download updates for free

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Local Govt Expertise

Unparalleled Local Government Expertise

  • A decade of 100% focus on local governments
  • Getting the right contact info for the decision makers you want to reach at 22,000 local governments takes expertise and practice

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Beats In-House Lists

Outperforms In-House Lists

  • More accurate and cost-effective than “DIY”
  • Eliminate tedious, time-consuming list updating

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