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Why Leading Local Government Marketers Rely on Power Almanac

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  • 21,000 local govts
  • 250,000 records
  • Email/phone for top execs, mayors & dept heads

100% Phone-Verified

  • Every record phone-verified every 6 months
  • Every record is date-stamped
  • Far more accurate than web-scraping

Decision Makers

  • ALL leads are decision makers with purchase authority
  • No junior staff “fillers”

Roles - NOT Titles

  • Easily target the personas/roles you want
  • NO gambling on vague and misleading titles

Precise Targeting

  • Target the local govt segments you want to reach
  • 10 powerful filters (e.g. spending, population)

Easy, Unlimited Use

  • Unlimited usage
  • Unlimited users
  • Select & download records in minutes

CRM Compatible

  • Easily upload our records to your CRM
  • Updated records easily uploaded to your CRM

Local Govt Expertise

  • We’re 100% focused on local govts
  • Trusted by hundreds of marketers since 2011

Beats In-House Lists

  • Our cost per lead is lower than “DIY”
  • Our accuracy is far higher
  • Focus on your core strengths

VIDEO – Two Minute Product “Walkthrough”

See how easy it is to target, search, download and view records with Power Almanac.

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Decision Maker Roles Covered


Our records are organized by clear ROLES with precisely defined and significant responsibilities .  We can do that because we call every government and verify responsibilities during in depth conversations.  The senior-level roles we cover today are summarized in the table below.


  1. IT
  2. Finance
  3. Purchasing
  4. Clerk’s Office
  5. Public Works
  6. Police
  7. Fire
  8. Buildings
  9. Communications
  10. HR


11. Top Appointed Executive
(e.g. the City/County Manager)

12. Top Elected Official
(e.g. the Mayor)

13. Governing Board Members
(e.g. the Council Members)

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have been consistently impressed with Power Almanac’s capabilities since becoming their first customer in 2011. Great customer service and detailed information keeps us renewing our subscription year after year. Their coverage of local government executives is comprehensive. Every record includes phone and mailing address, and 85% include emails. The records are date-stamped, and we’re notified when our downloaded records have been changed.

Director, Market Research
Power Almanac's contact database has been a core sales & marketing tool for us for years. The information has been critical for us to map out our total addressable market in local government. Power Almanac painstakingly phone-verifies every record and keeps it up to date. The contacts include virtually all the top decision makers we need to reach to get our solutions approved. The ROI on our investment has been exceptional.


Andrew Leach
Director Business Development & Marketing Strategy

Conversations are the life blood of our business and I rely on Power Almanac to connect me with the right local gov officials. We tried building our own database with Amazon Mechanical Turk and ended up wasting a lot of time and money. Do yourself a favor and go with Power Almanac. Your sales people will thank you.


Steve Machesney
Marketing Director

Municode grew rapidly in 2020, despite the pandemic. One of the big reasons why, is our subscription to Power Almanac. Local governments love our solutions, but finding and reaching the decision makers is a daunting task.  Power Almanac gives us extremely accurate, phone-verified contact information, including email addresses for the key officials we want to reach.


Jordan Rochester
Marketing Specialist

Power Almanac has been an important partner with us in our outreach efforts. As a national recruitment firm, it is critical that we have accurate contact information for senior local government officials. Power Almanac provides us with this regularly updated information for nearly every city, county and township in the United States. They have been an invaluable resource to us for the last eight years. Their team is available to help us whenever we need it!

Heidi Voorhees

For 7 years running we’ve leveraged the heck out of Power Almanac’s data and their knowledge of local governments.  They give us contact information for decision-makers in more than 21,000 cities, counties, and townships.  And because their 250,000 records are organized around verified roles rather than unreliable titles, we know we’re reaching the right people.

Greg Berry
CEO & Founder

Local government lists have, in my experience, nearly always been of poor quality, so I’ve developed them in-house. It's a huge time commitment, and the lists are out of date quickly.
After years of being a "list skeptic", I tried Power Almanac for a test campaign in one state. Within 3 weeks, my meeting calendar was booked. Power Almanac’s keeps my list continually up-to-date. I trust their data, and team, completely.



Thao Hill
Chief Customer Officer

We love Power Almanac because it’s comprehensive, accurate, easy to use, and cost-effective. They phone-verify all their records, which is crucial for local government information. They alert us about updated records, which we can then download for free. And they organize leads around roles rather than titles, which makes our marketing campaigns more targeted and effective.

Lee Goddard
Director of Marketing

Marketplace.city helps governments source, validate and procure technology.  We have found Power Almanac’s data to be exceptionally accurate and useful, especially considering the vast size of the local government market and the varying roles of decision makers from city to city .  To support our clients response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we recently started calling Heads of Law Enforcement using Power Almanac data and have been amazed how often the listed official answered the phone personally, saving us countless cycles trying to route messages through subordinates and ensuring our clients received critical information in a timely manner.

Chris Foreman

Our Power Almanac subscription is an enterprise solution, so we’ve given multiple members of our marketing and sales teams access to the Power Almanac data. This is perfect for the way we do business and makes our subscription very cost-effective. Their database has executive-level contact information from more local governments than any other list provider, and we’ve seen firsthand their commitment to accuracy.


John Kastner
Senior Director, Head of Vertical Marketing
Aetna, a CVS Health Company

I have worked with Power Almanac’s data at a couple of previous companies. It took years of searching before I finally found a company that has an incredible database of local government contacts. Recently, I moved to a new company and one of my first activities was to get hooked back up with Power Almanac. Power Almanac’s superior contact data is a foundational component of our local government sales and marketing efforts. The interface is fast and easy to use, and the contact list is readily uploaded to our CRM program (Salesforce). I trust Power Almanac completely and would highly recommend them to any company that deals with local governments.

Scott Stickel
VP Sales & Marketing
Can/Am Technologies

As a conductor of academic-caliber research, the database CivicPulse uses to survey government officials must meet the highest standards. Power Almanac meets those standards, no doubt due to their long-term focus and expertise on local government. Compared to other suppliers we have tested, it has by far the most accurate and comprehensive contact database for local government officials.


Nathan Lee
Founder and Managing Director

At Radarsign, our market is truly local – thousands of small towns and cities throughout the US use our products to make their communities safer. Power Almanac covers them all while giving us the ability to filter and target precisely the ones we want. Their researchers understand how local governments are organized and how to find exactly the right officials with authority to purchase our products. Plus, the list data is very accurate. Highly recommended!


Charlie Robeson
Director of Sales & Marketing

Power Almanac understands local government (it’s their exclusive focus) and has by far the best contact data in in the industry. It’s comprehensive, it’s accurate, and they’re constantly re-verifying and updating their records. The application also has a number of great filters that allow us to target exactly the right local governments. For all these reasons, our sales team uses the Power Almanac database to reach decision-makers in communities that are the best match with our services.

Avazar Government Solutions

Audrey Stewart
Marketing Manager
Avazar Government Solutions

I’ve spent 13 years in software sales and marketing to governments, and Power Almanac is by far the best contact database I’ve seen (and we’ve been active users of other data sources).  We had one of our best sales quarters ever within 6-9 months after we started using Power Almanac, and it wasn’t a coincidence.  I only wish we’d found Power Almanac sooner!

Jessica B.
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Government Software Company (Confidential)

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