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The Only Contact Platform With ROLE IntelligenceTM

If you’re trying to reach the local government official who runs a city or county’s IT department, you’ll need to search more than 500 titles to get that list. Even the top 10 titles will only yield 70% of the officials you’re looking for, PLUS many more you DON’T want to reach.

A job title is a poor indicator as to what a person’s duties actually are because local government titles are inconsistent and often misleading.

Access records organized by clear ROLES with precisely defined and significant responsibilities. ROLE IntelligenceTM gives you that edge. No missed contacts because you couldn’t think of 500+ relevant titles!

Which senior-level roles are available for your lead generation?*

330,000 Local Government Decision-Making Contacts are a Click Away


  • Top Appointed Executive (e.g. the City/County Manager)
  • Deputy Top Appointed Executive (e.g. the Assistant City/County Manager)
  • Top Elected Official (e.g. the Mayor)
  • Governing Board Members (e.g. the Council Members)


  • GIS
  • Health Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Finance
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Buildings
  • IT
  • HR

*Don’t see the role you need? Let us know! The role you need may be coming soon.

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Leverage Comprehensive Coverage — Never Miss an Opportunity

Power Almanac is by far the largest and most accurate database of local government decision makers, covering essentially every city, county, and township in the USA with a population of 1,000 or more.

Power Almanac’s broad contact database includes:

  • 21,959 municipalities, townships and counties, far outpacing any other local government list provider
  • 99% of all the local governments in the United States with a population of 1,000 or more
  • Approx. 320,000 records, all for key officials – both appointed and elected – who make local government purchase decisions
  • 19 distinct decision-maker roles (with more roles launching soon!)

Each Power Almanac record covers one key role at one local government, and includes:

  • Name and title of the person in that role
  • Email address (for 88% of the records)
  • Phone number (100%)
  • Mailing address (100%)

For the government the official is working for, our records include:

  • Government name
  • Type (municipality, township, or county)
  • Main mailing address
  • Main phone number
  • Website URL
  • Population

Contacts You Can Count On

100% Phone-Verified & Date-Stamped

Don’t squander your money and time on lists built by web-scraping, “community contributors,” or written FOIA requests. With local governments, phone-verification is the only reliable way to gather and maintain accurate and comprehensive contact information.

Our team reaches out by phone to all 21,959 local governments every 3 months. That’s why the average age of our approx. 320,000 records is 11 weeks. And you can see for yourself, because every record you download is date-stamped.

Here’s how you’re ensured of maximum possible accuracy:

  • Our highly-trained researchers speak directly to an official in the clerk’s office or other record keepers. We do this for every government, every 3 months
  • Data is cross-checked against other available sources and put through rigorous internal quality-checking processes
  • Every email in our database is run through email verification software every week, and our rapid-response team calls governments and corrects bad emails the same week
  • Every record is date-stamped so you can see exactly when it was last verified
  • Subscribers are notified weekly about available updates to the records they’ve downloaded from us. And downloading updated records is free

Accuracy Is Key.

You put a lot of time and money into your sales and marketing campaigns. You want to maximize your return. Don’t get derailed by unreliable contact information. Trust data that will help you deliver results.

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Reach Officials with Clout

100% Of Our Contacts Are Senior-Level Decision Makers

Did you know that many list providers pad their numbers by stuffing their lists with junior-level staffers from employee directories or scraped off the Internet?

Connect directly to only those officials who have the authority to make significant purchase and/or policy decisions.

And only with Power Almanac can you be sure that you’ll reach EVERY decision maker you care about. Want to connect with heads of finance? Reach every one with Power Almanac. Heads of public works or city managers? Again, reach all of them. For the 19 roles we cover, we have every decision maker.

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Set Your Sights. Pinpoint Your Segments.

Precision is a powerful and valuable tool. In addition to connecting you to the right decision maker in the right role, you also have the ability to specify the exact local governments you want to reach.

You can segment local governments and further sharpen your results with 11 powerful filters:

Pinpoint the right local governments by:

  • Population
  • Location (by state or ZIP code/radius)
  • Type of Local Government (municipalities, townships, counties)
  • Spending (across 39 categories of expenditures)
  • Fiscal Year Ending
  • Month Of Elections
  • Employee Headcount (across 36 functional categories)

Pinpoint the right decision makers in those governments by:

  • Role (with Power Almanac’s proprietary ROLE INTELLIGENCETM)
  • Officials who are NEW in their role
  • Officials with an email address (85% of our database)
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Uncomplicated And Unlimited

From Subscription to CRM

Share the wealth. You and your colleagues can download and leverage our contact data as often as you like.

Your subscription includes unlimited use of downloaded records during the subscription period.

More benefits of subscribing:

  • All records are continually updated throughout your subscription period
  • We notify you when your records are updated, and those updates can be downloaded at no additional cost
  • Re-download as often as you like
  • An unlimited number of people in your organization can access and utilize our data through their own accounts.
  • Multiple users can create their own set of customized lists
  • Download records in CSV/Excel format in seconds, then easily upload to your CRM (see more below)
  • Create, save and download customized lists, based on a wide variety of filters
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CRM Compatibility and Consistency

Easily Upload Your Records and Updates To Your CRM

  • When you download our data, you get a consistently-formatted CSV file, which makes uploading our data to your CRM simple
  • Our record ID system is structured around accounts and contacts, which is just what your CRM wants
  • You’re notified of any updates to your downloaded records. Easily identify which records are updated, and download the updates for free
  • Our record ID system is based on the Census Bureau ID system so that you can easily import and append additional data about these local government “accounts” into your CRM
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You Need More than a List.

You Need Accuracy, Maintenance, and Affordability, Secured with Expertise

  • 100% laser focus on local governments comes from decade of experience
  • We have finely-tuned knowledge about whom to contact and what to ask — across 21,959 local governments — to keep our contact data on point
  • If not maintained, local government records would go bad at a rate of 40% per year. But with Power Almanac’s systematic data maintenance processes, you can count on 97% accuracy.
  • Outperforms in-house lists when comparing “make vs. buy” tradeoff
  • Pricing is affordable– as low as 6 cents per contact—because the considerable cost of our research team is spread over our entire client base
  • Eliminate the tedious task of keeping contact lists up-to-date, and focus on your core strengths