Relevance Rules

    In the last installment we talked about the importance of being relevant with the aim of getting you into the right conversations, with the right people, with the right messages, at the right time.

    In this installment we’ll look at “right messages” and continue with the example of identifying leads for a pothole reporting app. So far, we’ve identified the following stakeholders across the United States.

    Let’s see how we can further refine the lists for even greater relevance by filtering on state. A quick Google search turns up this recent report that calls out NY, PA, TN, IL, MA, OH, NE, MI, IN, and WA for the poor condition of their roads.

    So we’ll add additional filters for the states that we want to reach out to based on the article above. We’ll also reference the article as the reason for reaching out – a practice called “newsjacking.”

    Use filters to quickly download contacts with the right roles and in the right states.

    And voila! You have a perfect set of targeted lists with a highly relevant message. Let the leads rain down! In the next email we’ll look at the “right time.” In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact