Timing is Everything

In two earlier installments we covered two of the three pillars for connecting with local government leaders: targetingthe right people” with “the right message.” In this third and final installment we’ll cover “at the right time.” 

As the saying goes “timing is everything.” This is especially true with local government procurement where purchasing decisions rely heavily on fiscal year milestones. There are 3 key milestones that you can calculate and use based on the month of Fiscal Year End (FYE) data that Power Almanac provides. They are when:

  • Budget Planning Begins: 6 months prior to FYE
  • Budget Funds are Released: 1 month post FYE
  • Excess Budget is Burned: 2-3 months prior to FYE

For a deeper dive check out “How to Increase Local Government Sales by Focusing on Fiscal Year Milestones.”

Let’s continue with the example of the pothole reporting app. For our purposes it’s June and we want to connect with local governments that are starting to plan their budgets – which happens 6 months ahead of their fiscal year end. So we’ll target local governments with a fiscal year end of December.

Use filters to quickly download contacts by the month of their Fiscal Year End.

Now you’re ready to connect with local government leaders right when they’re starting their budgeting process. Power Almanac also provides you with local governments’ “Month of Elections” which can be used in a similar fashion as FYE as much can change in an election cycle.

Now you know how to use Power Almanac’s data to target the right people, with the right message, at the right time. 

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