Refer a Friend – and We’ll Extend Your Subscription for One Month.

When Power Almanac grows, you win too

By helping us grow, you increase our ability to cover additional roles/ departments, cover even more local governments, and add features that help you get greater value from our records.

Referrals have been largely responsible for Power Almanac’s success. So we decided to recognize and reward you for your help.  We’ll add one month to your subscription for every successful referral you make.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Confirm eligibility. Email Ron Mester (our founder/CEO) at, and let him know which organization you plan to refer to Power Almanac. Ron will reply to confirm their eligibility. To be eligible, the organization (including all of its employees) must not currently be (a) a Power Almanac subscriber, (b) registered for a Power Almanac free account, or (c) in active conversations with Power Almanac about subscribing.
  2. Make the referral. Send a warm introductory email addressed to both Ron Mester and your contact at the organization you’re referring to us. Ron will confirm with you that he received your introductory email and followed up with your contact.
  3. Get a month added to your subscription. If the company you introduced to Ron Mester subscribes to an annual Power 15, Power 75, or Power Max subscription within 3 months of your referral, we’ll notify you and add 1 month to your subscription.

If you have any questions, contact Ron Mester at or (650) 539-2342.