We’re proud to partner with the following organizations, each of whom work closely with local governments and/or the suppliers that support local governments.

Interested in partnering with Power Almanac?  Please contact our CEO, Ron Mester, directly at ron.mester@poweralmanac.com or (650) 539-2342.

National Association of Counties (NACo)

The National Association of Counties (NACo) strengthens America’s counties, serving nearly 40,000 county elected officials and 3.6 million county employees.  Founded in 1935, NACo unites county officials to advocate county priorities, promote exemplary county policies, and optimize county and taxpayer resources.

NACo and Power Almanac have partnered to advance NACo’s vision to build vibrant counties across the nation and to enhance connections between companies and local government decision makers. NACo uses Power Almanac’s data to accelerate its membership growth and provide critical information and resources to local government decision makers.


As the market-leading information platform for over fifty years, GovExec has empowered the public sector ecosystem to engage and support government leaders as they work to achieve their missions across federal, defense, and state and local agencies. GovExec’s services are three-fold: data that informs, content that connects, and marketing services that activate. 

The partnership with Power Almanac underscores GovExec’s imperative to assemble critical business intelligence tools that support government contractors at every phase of the buying process, from opportunity research and identification to reaching exactly the right decision-makers, to winning and fulfilling contracts. As such, Power Almanac subscribers gain access to a broad array of marketing and lead generation services, as well as to the state and federal government markets.

GovExec’s portfolio of brands and platforms offers predictive intelligence on opportunities to win more B2G business.  The Atlas provides real-time insight about buyer intent, while Government Marketing University offers training, research, and certifications in the field of public sector marketing.  GovTribe, Market Connections, and Government Contracting Institute are even more solutions to position your business competitively.


National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA)

NCPA is a leading national government purchasing cooperative that works to reduce the cost of goods and services by leveraging the purchasing power of public agencies in all 50 states.

Utilizing state-of-the-art procurement resources for their cooperative purchasing contracts, they ensure all public agencies receive products and services of the highest quality at the lowest prices.

NCPA uses Power Almanac’s data to build relationships with local government decision-makers and encourages its vendor partners to do the same.

Civic Pulse logo


While every local community is distinct, many of the challenges they face are common. And yet, there hasn’t been data and analysis available comparing the experiences of local government leaders across the United States. CivicPulse’s mission is to empower local governments and their stakeholders by generating shared insights that are nationally contextualized but locally informed.

Power Almanac and CivicPulse frequently collaborate on research projects designed to gain deep insights into issues affecting local governments, and to share these findings to inform local government officials and the marketing efforts of local government solution providers.


Marketplace.city’s mission is to simplify the process of finding, validating, and implementing new technology at the city level, so government can better improve the lives of their communities with smart solutions. Products are developed with partner cities—including launch partners New York City, Atlanta, Barcelona, and Dublin—to meet their most pressing needs.

MarketPlace.city promotes Power Almanac’s database to local government suppliers who want to reach key decision makers in 21,000 local governments throughout the United States.


As the only accelerator that focuses on the state and local government market, CivStart guides and accelerates the adoption of cutting-edge technology solutions at the local level by connecting governments, startup companies, and corporate partners to steward good ideas and address the needs of local communities through a technology lens.

Recognizing the vital importance of knowing who key local government decision makers are and how to reach them, CivStart encourages its cohort companies to leverage Power Almanac’s contacts as an essential tool in their ongoing marketing and sales efforts.


CJIS Group

CJIS GROUP engages in one-on-one conversations with technology decision makers in state and local government. CJIS knows the decision makers, how they think, what they need and what their budgets allow them to buy. Its market intelligence tool and expert, personalized insight, enables its clients to build a relationship at an agency before project specifications are set in an RFP.

CJIS offers Power Almanac’s local government contact list as a value-added service to help its clients find, reach and influence all the decision makers likely to impact the success of client proposals.  The companies also partner together to produce content of value to tech companies marketing to local governments, such as this webinar on the impact of Covid-19 on the SLED tech marketing strategies.

Amtower & Associates/ Government Market Master

Amtower & Company has been providing candid, on-target marketing guidance to large, mid-size and small contractors for 35 years. Mark Amtower is a recognized expert on social selling and LinkedIn, content marketing and helping companies create Subject Matter Expert platforms. He offers programs specifically for small contractors that provide guidance and training for a full calendar year. Since 1985, Amtower has advised over 2,500 government contractors, some of which became dominant players in their respective categories.

Power Almanac and Amtower & Company have assisted some of the same companies seeking to improve their results in the local government sector. They share leads, provide introductions, share strategic insights and collaborate on content marketing initiatives.

Government Business Results

GBR is a modern go-to-market agency that “gets” government. We start with powerful marketing and sales strategies that align your teams, then we add fuel with targeted content, training and tools. We use our decades of experience driving results for blue-chip tech companies to deliver rapid and lasting public sector awareness, demand generation and revenue growth for companies of all sizes. Our experts become extended members of your team, all driving to impactful results.

Power Almanac and GBR collaborate frequently, when one partner has a client who could benefit from the other’s services. There is a natural synergy, as GBR helps Power Almanac clients get the most out of their contact data, while Power Almanac helps GBR clients expand their reach.