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Radarsign Sees Double-Digit Growth Using Power Almanac’s Local Gov Contact Data

Radarsign manufactures the world’s first armored radar speed signs. The company’s hardened signs are installed throughout North America and on military bases worldwide. As residents of neighborhoods, where speed limits were often ignored, Radarsign’s founders were personally committed to creating safer streets.

Radarsign is committed to creating safer streets through its line of armored traffic calming products.

Before Power Almanac

Radarsign had a great product and requests for quotes were coming in from its website. At the same time, the sales team was generating interest at industry events. Things were going well but the company needed to scale faster. Like many Power Almanac customers, Radarsign tried buying contacts from old-school list providers and were bitterly disappointed by “garbage data.”

Radarsign was understandably cautious when Power Almanac reached out in late 2018. The company was intrigued by Power Almanac’s sole focus on local governments and its role-based vs. title-centric approach and agreed to a pilot project.

Radarsign’s products promote traffic calming which contributes to safer streets.

Radarsign’s sales team bought local government contacts for Kansas, as an experiment, and the pilot soon paid for itself. The team sold a few signs from its Power Almanac fueled outreach and expanded its subscription into more states.

“We bought contacts in Kansas because it was a direct sales state that we needed help with. We had nothing to work with there. So, we selected a few key roles, sold some signs, and Power Almanac paid for itself. From there, we rolled out another state or two, and soon subscribed to a national plan,” said William Warwick, Radarsign’s Director of Sales.

Year Over Year Growth

Since launching in 2004, Radarsign has been on an upward growth curve. With a product whose quality speaks for itself and a team of A-players, the company has performed well even during economic downturns.

In 2017, the company reported 19% year-over-year growth which extended into 2019 making 2019 Radarsign’s best year to date. When COVID-19 hit in 2020, sales dropped by 17%. However in 2021, the company shattered past sales records, beating 2019’s numbers by 3%.

“We know Power Almanac is doing its job because when we take a close look at our open rates, email engagement, and sales at the end of the year we like what we see. Without Power Almanac, our email drip campaigns wouldn’t have performed nearly so well,” said Warwick.

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