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Major Power Almanac Upgrade to Make CRM Integration Easier


On June 6, 2022, Power Almanac will release a major upgrade allowing subscribers to more easily merge their Power Almanac data with their existing CRM and marketing automation solutions. This update applies to all subscription levels and has 6 key components: 

  1. A “Local Government Account File”: useful for populating CRM accounts
  2. Two versions of your contact download files: one “Person ID” based and the other “Role ID” based
  3. Two new fields in the contact download files: “Power Almanac Account ID” and “Government Designated Name”
  4. The reordering and renaming of many download file field names: to harmonize naming conventions across the platform
  5. The renaming of roles: to harmonize naming conventions across the platform
  6. A CRM integration guide

Local Government Account File

Local Government Account File Fields

Power Almanac’s “Local Government Account File” contains 177 fields that are useful for importing contacts into the correct accounts in your CRM, managing Power Almanac contact updates, segmenting contacts for targeted campaigns, and personalizing communications. The .csv file includes the fields in the table below along with 156 additional fields that describe past expenditures and the allocation of full-time employees as reported to the U.S. Census Bureau. All local governments covered by Power Almanac are included in the file.

  • Power Almanac Account ID
  • Census Bureau Gov ID
  • GEO ID 
  • FIPS State
  • FIPS County
  • FIPS Place
  • Government Category
  • Government Designated Name
  • Government Place Name 
  • Government Category Name
  • Government County Location
  • Government State Short
  • Government State Long
  • Government Web Address 
  • Government Main Phone Number 
  • Government Street Address
  • Government City 
  • Government Zip Code 
  • Fiscal Year Ending
  • Election Month
  • Population

Accessing the Local Government Account File

Sign into Power Almanac and click on the pull down for your profile. There you will see an entry for the “Local Government Account File.” Click on it to download the latest version of the .csv file. 

Updates to the Local Government Account File

The “Local Government Account File” will receive updates whenever there is a change in the data contained therein. The Power Almanac application will note the last time you downloaded the file to help you identify if a new (updated) version is available.  We will periodically notify you by email when major updates are available. 

Two Download Files

All Power Almanac subscribers will receive two versions of the contact file in each download .zip file. (NOTE – this feature was previously available to only Power Max subscribers.) To illustrate the difference between them let’s look at Tim Popanda in the Village of Paddock Lake. Tim is a very busy person with 10 roles to his name. 

In the download file organized by “Person ID” you see there is one entry for Tim and the “Role” field contains 10 comma separated values.

In the download file organized by “Role ID” you see there are 10 entries for Tim one for each of the roles that he occupies.


The “Person ID” download file is the more CRM friendly version of the two and will eventually be the only version available for download. 

Two New Download File Fields

Power Almanac Account ID

This field was added to the download file to make it easier to associate a contact with an account in your CRM assuming that you’ve added the “Power Almanac Account ID” to your CRM at the account level.

Government Designated Name

This field contains the name that the local government calls itself. For example, from the table above the “Village of Paddock Lake.” This is especially useful when used as a personalization / merge field and as a means of matching accounts to other sources for data analysis. (NOTE – You’ll see an empty placeholder for this field in early June. We estimate that the data will be available in July.)

The Renaming of Fields

Below are the before and after names of fields along with their sample data. Please note that the field order has also changed. Consult the appropriate download file for the new field order if this impacts your data management strategy. Please also note that the “Government County Location” field for counties has been updated from being blank to being the same as the government place name.

New Field NamesOld Field NamesSample Values
Record ID (only found in the download file organized by “Role ID”)Record ID201100100100000-101-5D99C7
Power Almanac Account IDN/A – new field201100100100000
RoleOfficial’s RoleTop Elected Official
TitleOfficial’s TitleChairman, County Commission
First NameOfficial’s First NameJay
Last NameOfficial’s Last NameThompson
Email AddressOfficial’s Email Addressjay.thompson@autauga.com
Phone Number Official’s Phone Number 334-296-2520
Phone Number ExtOfficial’s Phone Number  EXTENSION123
Street Address or PO Box NumberOfficial’s Mailing Address – Street/Box number2183 Hwy 31 North
Suite NumberOfficial’s Mailing Address – Suite Number5
CityOfficial’s Mailing Address – CityDeatsville
StateOfficial’s Mailing Address – StateAL
Zip CodeOfficial’s Mailing Address -Zip Code36022
Person IDPerson ID201100100100000-C110E31
Government CategoryGovernment Typecounty
Government Designated NameN/A – new fieldAutauga County
Government Place Name Government Place Name Autauga
Government Category NameGovernment Type Name County
Government County LocationName of County that Municipal or Township Government is Located in Autauga
Government Web Address Government Web Address http://www.autaugaco.org/
Government Main Phone Number Government’s Main Phone Number 334-358-6700
Government Street AddressGovernment’s Physical Address – Street 135 North Court Street
Government City Government’s Physical Address – City Prattville
Government StateGovernment’s Physical Address – State AL
Government Zip Code Government’s Physical Address -Zip Code 36067
Last Verified DateRecord last verified12/10/2021
Update StatusRecord StatusSAME

The Renaming of Roles

The following roles have been renamed. If you’re using filters to automatically build audience segments in your CRM or marketing automation solution you’ll want to be sure to update your filters and re-import contacts that fall into these roles. Also, if you’ve added a “role” field to your CRM that reflects Power Almanac’s roles then you’ll want to update their values too.

Role Name BeforeRole Name After
Top Appointed OfficialTop Appointed Executive
ClerkHead Clerk
Head Building OfficialHead of Buildings
Head of Finance/BudgetingHead of Finance
Head of Purchasing/ProcurementHead of Purchasing

CRM Integration Guide

The local government contact data that Power Almanac provides is even more valuable once integrated into your CRM for use by account executives, business development representatives, and marketers via integrated marketing automation tools. Because of that, we wrote the Power Almanac CRM Integration Guide.


We’re here to help! Please direct your questions to support@poweralmanac.com.

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