Recorded Webinar: SLED Tech Marketing During the Covid-19 Crisis

Covid-19 is upending the budgets and priorities of SLED agencies at all levels of government at breathtaking speed.  This webinar sought to answer one burning question: How can SLED tech vendors adapt and thrive in this new environment?

Power Almanac host this event in partnership with CJIS Group, the SLED market intelligence company.

Topics covered include:

  • How are SLED tech budgets likely to be impacted by Covid-19?
  • Which agency programs will be spending more? Which will be cutting back?
  • In which types of technology will spending increase (or decrease) the most?
  • How can vendors capitalize on federal funding targets/grant programs?
  • Why buying decisions are expected to shift to operating agencies, and how can vendors best reach those decision makers and influencers?
  • How will the roles of buying coops and state contracts change?
  • How can vendors replace trade shows and in-person sales opportunities with market intelligence tools?
  • How can vendors cut through the pandemic noise and be heard?

Watch the Webinar on Youtube

Download the Slide Deck

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