Instantly Find 9,149 Heads of Parks and Recreation

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We’re launching Head of Parks and Recreation as our 15th local government decision-maker role with 9,149 available records!

The Head of Parks and Recreation is the person responsible at a city, county, or township government, for the management of (you guessed it!) parks and other recreational facilities, and/or the recreational use of facilities.

At Power Almanac, we’re very picky about defining roles clearly in order to ensure precise and accurate data.  This means we’re rolling out access to contact information for the person in charge of:

  • The budget, maintenance, and development of recreation-related facilities such as parks, trails, recreation centers, camp grounds, and dog parks
  • Residents’ use of the facilities (sometimes called “programming”), such as youth and adult sports leagues, special events, fitness classes, and golf course tee times
  • Supervising the creation and management of recreational facility schedules and the use of reservation systems
  • Organizing community-wide events such as holiday parades

The Easy Way vs. the Hard Way

Option #1 (Easy)

Effortlessly find all the heads of parks and recreation by checking one box in Power Almanac.

Option #2 (Hard)

Brainstorm more than 1,000 unique titles for the heads of parks and recreation, then type each and every one of those titles into Google, your current database, or whatever marketing tool you currently use to find contacts.

(Do you have the time and resources for that?)

Top 10 Titles for the Head of Parks and Rec

The chart below shows the 10 most common titles used by heads of parks and recreation.  But these 10 titles COMBINED still account for ONLY 64% of all heads of parks and rec!

Let’s review more options…

Option #1 (Yes!)

Effortlessly find all the heads of parks and recreation by checking one box in Power Almanac.

Option #2 (Really?)

Cut corners by using only the top 10 most common titles for heads of parks and rec, and fail to reach 36% of your target decision makers.  That’s more than a third of the market!

Make the right choice.

The “Public Works” Conundrum

Did you notice that FOUR of the top 10 titles include “public works,” and neither “parks” nor “recreation”? 

But!  If you search for heads of parks and recreation by typing in job titles like these four, (ones that include “public works”), you’ll end up with a ton of people who are NOT heads of parks and rec!

We know it’s nutty. 

That’s why we’re here for you.

Make it Easy on Yourself, and Your Marketing Team

With the launch of our 15th role, Head of Parks and Recreation, you can easily identify highly accurate contact information for 9,149 local government officials working to provide their communities with safe, clean, and fun parks and recreational facilities. 

Power Max subscribers can do it right now, instantaneously.  All other subscribers can download Head of Parks and Recreation records beginning Monday, August 23rd.


Did you notice in the app that you have early access to the Head of Parks and Recreation records?

Newbies are Prime for Purchasing

Not only do Power Max subscriptions unlock early access to new roles, they also grant exclusive access to the search filter “New Officials.”  Pinpoint a local government decision maker new to his or her role, having been there an average of only 6 months.

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ROLE Intelligence™ empowers you to access records organized by clear ROLES with precisely defined and significant responsibilities.  No missed contacts because you couldn’t think of thousands—and we do mean thousands— of relevant titles.

ROLE Intelligence™ gives you that edge:

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  • Clear roles with defined responsibilities
  • No gambling on misleading titles

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