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Instantly Find 7,278 Heads of Water Supply

Today we launch Head of Water Supply as our 14th local government decision-maker role, with 7,278 available records!   

The Head of Water Supply is the person responsible, (at a city, county, or township government), for delivering safe drinking water to local citizens.   He or she may also be responsible for billing residents for water service.  

In some local governments, responsibilities for storm water/drainage or sewerage are handled apart from drinking water, and in others all of those responsibilities are combined into one department.  At Power Almanac, we’re sticklers about defining roles clearly in order to ensure precise and accurate data.  For our records we carefully defined “Head of Water Supply” as focused on drinking water.

The Easy Way vs. the Hard Way

Option #1 (Easy): Effortlessly find all the heads of water supply by checking one box in Power Almanac.

Option #2 (Hard): Brainstorm more than 900 unique titles for the heads of water supply, then type each and every one of those titles into Google, your current database, or whatever marketing tool you currently use to find contacts.

The choice is yours.

The chart below shows the 10 most common titles used by heads of water supply.  What limits even this insightful chart is that these 10 titles COMBINED account for ONLY 60% of all heads of water supply!    

Option #1 (Easy): Effortlessly find all the heads of water supply by checking one box in Power Almanac.

Option #2 (Find): Cut corners by using only the top 10 most common titles for Head of Water Supply and fail to reach 40% of your target decision makers.

Make the right choice.

Did you notice that half the top 10 titles for heads of water supply mention “public works?”  In many local governments, the person who is the Head of Public Works is also the Head of Water Supply.  However, if you try to find the heads of water supply by typing in titles that include “public works,” you’ll end up with a list that includes thousands of officials who are NOT the head of water supply.

Next Step

Learn more about these 6,537 Heads of Water Supply to help you make marketing decisions about target segments. For example:

  • Will you find most heads of water supply working for municipalities, counties, or township governments?
  • How many Heads of Water Supply are there in the Northeast?  Or Florida? (Or any other state?)
  • Are local governments with smaller populations more or less likely to have a Head of Water Supply than those with larger populations?


With the launch of our 14th role, Head of Water Supply, you can now identify and download highly accurate contact information for 6,537 local government decision makers working to provide their communities with safe drinking water. 

And you can do it instantaneously.

Power Almanac phone-verifies 100% of our contact data by calling all 21,000+ local governments we cover every 3 months.  This assures you’ll get the most comprehensive coverage and the most accurate and up-to-date information. 

Before we go, did we mention our contact list is organized by role?  This makes it easy to target the precise decisions maker for water supply, and 13 other local government decision-making roles.

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