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Instantly Find 5,259 Heads of Economic Development

Power Almanac just launched its 17th role, Head of Economic Development. Connect with 5,259 Heads of Economic Development who are ready to invest their American Rescue Plan Act funds with your company.

What does the Head of Economic Development do?

The Head of Economic Development is responsible for planning and/or implementing actions that create economic growth for that city/town/county (e.g. attract more businesses, create more employment opportunities, attract talented people, increase tourism) with the intended outcome of improving the standard of living for citizens.

This person may or may not have other responsibilities in addition to their primary Economic Development responsibilities and may sit within groups or departments that don’t seem like Economic Development. For example, the Head of Economic Development could be:

  • Within the Office of the Top Elected Official or possibly be the Top Elected Official
  • Within the office of the Top Appointed Official or even be the Top Appointed Official
  • Within the Finance function or even be the Head of Finance
  • Within the Clerk function or even be the Head Clerk
Government TypeYes %No %
Occurrence of the Head of Economic Development role across local governments.

The Easy Way vs. the Hard Way

Option #1 (Easy)

Effortlessly find all the heads of Economic Development by checking one box in Power Almanac.

Option #2 (Hard)

First, brainstorm more than 860 unique titles for the heads of Economic Development. Next, type each and every one of those titles into Google, your current database, or whatever marketing tool you currently use to find contacts.

Top 20 Titles for the Economic Development

The table below shows the 20 most common titles used by heads of Economic Development. These 20 titles COMBINED still account for ONLY 68% of all heads of Economic Development!

TitleCount of Titles% of Titles
Economic Development Director1,44928%
Community Development Director2745%
Economic Development Manager2194%
City Administrator1783%
Economic Development Coordinator159 3%
City Manager158 3%
Community and Economic Development Director146 3%
Director of Economic Development142 3%
Economic and Community Development Director751%
Town Manager73 1%
Planning and Economic Development Director67 1%
Town Supervisor65 1%
Village Administrator49 1%
Township Supervisor47 1%
Planning and Development Director43 1%
Economic Development Specialist30 1%
Chairman, Board of Supervisors38 1%
Town Administrator37 1%
Director of Community Development37 1%
Over 860 unique titles represent the heads of Economic Development. With Power Almanac you can access all of these contacts with one click and skip endless hours of research.

Let’s review those options again….

Option #1 (Yes!)

Effortlessly find all the heads of Economic Development by checking one box in Power Almanac.

Option #2 (No!)

Cut corners by using only the top 20 most common titles for heads of Economic Development, and fail to reach 32% of your target decision makers.  That’s over 1/3 of the market!

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