Instantly Find 13,956 Heads of Planning/Zoning

Broaden your marketing base! Power Almanac has launched its 16th role, Head of Planning/Zoning, with 13,956 available records.

What does the Head of Planning/Zoning do?

The Head of Planning/Zoning is the person responsible for long-term land use management in order to serve the diverse needs of a community. This person ultimately helps balance the community’s economic growth, quality of life, preservation of the environment, and more. 

Related responsibilities may include:

  • Provide guidance on project permitting and compliance with environmental review
  • Assist the general public, applicants, developers, and their representatives with zoning inquiries, proposals, and applications
  • Review and make recommendations concerning land use applications
  • Investigate zoning and nuisance complaints
  • Maintain a zoning map that indicates permitted land uses in given zones

The Easy Way vs. the Hard Way

Option #1 (Easy)

Effortlessly find all the heads of planning/zoning by checking one box in Power Almanac.

Option #2 (Hard)

First, brainstorm more than 1,843 unique titles for the heads of planning/zoning. Next, type each and every one of those titles into Google, your current database, or whatever marketing tool you currently use to find contacts.

(See Option #1 for the smarter, more efficient workflow.)

Top 10 Titles for the Head of Planning/Zoning

The chart below shows the 10 most common titles used by heads of planning/zoning.  But these 10 titles COMBINED still account for ONLY 47% of all heads of planning/zoning!

Let’s review those options again….

Option #1 (Yes!)

Effortlessly find all the heads of planning/zoning by checking one box in Power Almanac.

Option #2 (No!)

Cut corners by using only the top 10 most common titles for heads of planning/zoning, and fail to reach 53% of your target decision makers.  That’s more than half of the market!

Make it Easy on Yourself, and Your Marketing Team

With the launch of our 16th role, Head of Planning/Zoning, you can easily identify highly accurate contact information for more than 13,956 local government officials responsible for long-term land use management in their local community.

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