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GovExec Acquires Power Almanac

Dear subscribers – past, present and future …

We are thrilled to announce that Power Almanac has been acquired by GovExec. GovExec is the market-leading information and intent-based marketing platform for federal, state, and local government leaders and contractors. Its goal is to catalyze the government mission by uniting the right solutions with the right government decision makers to solve society’s biggest challenges.

What does this mean for you?
Joining forces with GovExec allows us to keep expanding our collection of public sector roles (only faster) while continuing to deliver the accuracy you’ve come to expect. You can keep accessing and using our data just as you have, and reaching out to us for support and ideas. We love hearing from you! Looking to the future, Power Almanac’s data will come to enhance other GovExec solutions, making their market-driven insights even more actionable by government contractors.

What does this mean for us?
When Power Almanac launched nearly 11 years ago, we recognized that the challenges facing modern local governments would require that the public and private sectors work together like never before. It was, and continues to be, our mission to connect these organizations via the most complete and accurate database of local government decision makers available. We’re thrilled that GovExec shares this vision.

As for us, our entire staff is now a part of the GovExec family with Power Almanac founder, Ron Mester, continuing to lead the dedicated and talented Power Almanac team. Together, we’ll build on our database of 300,000+ local governments decision makers across 17 roles and 21,473 counties, townships, and municipalities.

A heartfelt “Thank you!”
We want to take this opportunity to thank our subscribers for putting their trust in us over the last 11 years. We are the solution we are because of you. Our team comes to work each day driven to help you prospect local governments with confidence. Our commitment only grows during this exciting time. You can read the full press release from GovExec here.

Sincerely, the Power Almanac team

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