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Power Almanac Advantages

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Comprehensive Coverage

Maximize your reach so you never miss an opportunity

Power Almanac’s contact database includes:

  • 21,474 municipalities, townships and counties, far more than any other local government list provider
  • Our list represents 98% of all the local governments in the United States with a population of 1,000 or more
  • 266,000 records, including essentially all the key officials – both appointed and elected – making significant local government purchase decisions (in 14 separate roles, as detailed below)
  • All records include, for each official, his or her:
    • Name, title and role (scope of responsibility)
    • Email address  (85%+ of the records)
    • Phone number (100%)
    • Mailing address (100%)
  • All records include, for the government the official is working for:
    • Government name
    • Type (municipality, township, or county)
    • Main mailing address
    • Main phone number
    • Website URL
    • Population

100% Phone-Verified and Date-Stamped

Make every dollar and minute count

With local governments, phone-verification is the only accurate way to gather and maintain contact information.  Web-scraping and web-monitoring techniques (used by other list vendors) are simply not reliable.

That’s why, to ensure the maximum possible accuracy, our research team verifies every record at all 21,474 local governments by direct phone call every six months.

  • Our highly-trained staff speak directly to an official in the clerk’s office or other record keepers.
  • Data is cross-checked against other available sources and put through rigorous internal quality-checking processes before being published.
  • We date-stamp every record, so you can see exactly when it was last verified, and notify subscribers weekly about available updates to the records they’ve downloaded from us.

This accuracy is vital to ensuring that you maximize the return on every dollar and minute you spend on sales and marketing campaigns. The wrong contact information is worse than no information at all, as it causes precious resources to be squandered.

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Senior Decision Makers Only

Connect directly to those with purchase authority

100% of our contacts are senior level decision makers.  The criteria for inclusion on our lists is clear:  does this official have the authority for significant purchase and/or policy decisions for this government?

If not, they are not included in our database.  This stands in stark contract to most list providers, who pad their numbers by filling their lists with junior level staffers scraped off the Internet.

It’s worth noting that local governments vary significantly in terms of the departments/functions they have.  For example, 25% of local governments don’t have a public works department – most likely because they outsource public works to a nearby city or county – and therefore these governments have no “head of public works.”  When we call a local government to verify records (every 6 months), on every call we ask about all 13 roles.  So if they have a head of public works, then we have the record for it.  This can save you significant time looking for an official that does not exist.

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Based on Roles – NOT Titles

Classify officials into vital “roles,” not titles, to enable ultra-precise targeting

Other list providers use job titles to classify and identify local government officials.  This approach is unreliable and frustrating for several key reasons:

  • There are literally hundreds of titles used to describe the exact same responsibility across different governments.
  • Many titles give no indication of areas of responsibility (e.g.,  an “Administrator” runs HR)
  • Other titles give misleading indications (e.g., a “Finance Director” is in charge of IT)
  • Still others bear no correlation to the level of responsibility (e.g., an “IT Technician” runs IT).

We have solved this problem. Our records are organized by clear ROLES with precisely defined and significant responsibilities.  We can do that because we call every government and verify responsibilities during in depth conversations.

Our Power Max subscribers can even target officials who are new in their roles, a particularly useful feature as such officials tend to be more receptive to new ideas and new vendors.

The senior-level roles we cover today are summarized in the table below.


  1. Water Supply
  2. IT
  3. Finance
  4. Purchasing
  5. Clerk’s Office
  6. Public Works
  7. Police
  8. Fire
  9. Buildings
  10. Communications
  11. HR


  1. Top Appointed Executive
    (e.g. the City/County Manager)
  2. Top Elected Official
    (e.g. the Mayor)
  3. Governing Board Members
    (e.g. the Council Members)
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Precise Government Targeting

Precisely identify which specific local governments you want to target

In the section just above, we described how our system enables precise targeting by decision makers, according to clearly defined roles and responsibilities.  But we don’t stop there.

We also give you the ability to specify exactly which local governments you want to reach.  With Power Almanac, you can segment local governments by:

  • Population
  • Location (either by state or radius around a zip code)
  • Government spending across 39 categories (e.g. public safety, health, transportation, etc.)
  • Last month of their fiscal year
  • Type of local government (municipalities, townships, counties)
  • Month of election
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Easy, Unlimited Use

Download and leverage our contact data as often as you or your colleagues would like

  • Your subscription includes unlimited use of downloaded contact records during the subscription period
  • An unlimited number of people in your organization are encouraged to access and use the data; they can even have their own “sub-accounts” at no extra cost
  • All records are continually updated throughout the subscription period and updates can be easily downloaded at no additional cost
  • You can easily download records in CSV/Excel format in seconds
  • You can create, save and download customized lists, based on a wide variety of filters, and re-download as often as you like; each user can have their own set of customized lists
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CRM Compatible

Easily upload your records and updates to your CRM system

  • When you download our data, you’ll get a consistently formatted CSV file, so uploading our data to your CRM is simple
  • Our record ID system is structured around accounts and contacts, which is what your CRM wants
  • We alert you about updates to any records you’ve downloaded and provide a “status” explaining the nature of each record’s update, making maintaining your CRM much simpler
  • Our record ID system is tied to the Census Bureau ID system, which means you can easily import and append additional data about these local government “accounts” into your CRM
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Local Government Expertise

Experience unparalleled expertise of the best contact data possible

  • We’ve focused exclusively on local governments since our founding in 2011
  • For other list providers, local government is an afterthought at best
  • Local governments are exceedingly complex, with dramatically varying organization from state to state, and even among entities within a state
  • We know precisely whom to contact in 21,474 local governments to get the most accurate data, and precisely which questions to ask
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Beats In-House Lists

See for yourself: our contact database is more accurate and less expensive than ANY in-house list

  • Since 2011, hundreds of clients have replaced their in-house lists with ours, after comparing the “make vs. buy” trade-offs
  • Unless you have a large team of trained researchers systematically calling hundreds of local governments every day, our list will be far more complete and more accurate than yours
  • We can amortize the considerable cost of our research team over our entire client base, enabling us to keep pricing affordable, as low as 6 cents per contact
  • Keeping contact lists up-to-date is tedious and painstaking work; delegating it to us enables you to focus on your mission and core strengths, while saving time and money
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Risk-Free Trial

Confirm first-hand the accuracy and value of our data before you commit

We encourage you to select, download AND USE all the detailed contact information for 100 local government decision makers with precisely zero cost or obligation.  Then put the data to work in actual sales or marketing campaigns to prove ROI.

We’re confident you’ll find Power Almanac to be:

  • Comprehensive – so you don’t miss opportunities
  • Exceptionally accurate – so that every dollar and minute you spend counts
  • 100% senior decision makers – so you can connect to those with purchase authority
  • Organized by role (not title) – so you talk to the right officials
  • Easy to use – select and download your sample records in less than 5 minutes

To get your 100 FREE records, click here.

Accelerate your growth with 100 FREE Leads

100% Risk Free Trial. Verify the accuracy and value before you commit.

Select, download AND use the detailed contact information in less than 5 minutes. No credit card required.