Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easy for organizations to connect with key decision makers at the right local governments.

Our Motivation

Local governments function more effectively when they are served by the right suppliers. Their employees and elected officials are more productive, more contented in their roles and — most importantly — their communities are better served.

That’s why we provide the most accurate data to local government marketers: every person plays a part in strengthening communities.

Our Promise


Our meticulous research processes mean you can rely on getting highly accurate names and contact details.  But REAL accuracy is more than correct names and emails. Real accuracy means reaching the exact decision makers that have responsibilities related to your product or service. Our proprietary ROLE IntelligenceTM makes that possible.


We don’t cover just “some” local governments, or the easy ones.  We cover virtually ALL of them representing a population of 1,000 or more. And when we cover a role, we give you the contact info for ALL the decision makers in that role.  The only way to be this comprehensive is by calling every government – over and over again. 


No short cuts. We acquire our information the personal way — by explaining who we are over the phone, and asking for contact data directly from the governments themselves. Our 100% phone verified records are 2x more accurate than web scraping. And by calling all 21,474 local governments every 3 months, the average age of our records is 11 weeks.


Local governments and suppliers are under unprecedented economic pressure. We seek to add value in our relationships with these organizations through the data we provide, the content we publish, and in every individual interaction.

People First

Our highly-valued team of researchers, engineers, marketers, leadership teams, and more are given the resources, training, tools and support they need to ensure we attract and retain the best talent possible.

ROLE IntelligenceTM

By targeting a local government official by his or her job title, you’re missing the mark.  Title alone provides little indication as to what the person’s duties actually are.  ROLE IntelligenceTM empowers you to access records organized by clear ROLES with precisely defined responsibilities.

Leadership Team

Ron Mester

CEO & Founder

Ron Mester

Ron launched Power Almanac in 2011, and has since grown the company to become the premier provider of contact information for senior local government officials.  As CEO, his primary areas of focus include the firm’s strategic direction, product enhancements, customer satisfaction, and value-added partnerships.

The common theme running through his career is giving clients a competitive edge. As a CEO of market research, software, and AI companies, he leads teams to deliver hard-to-get data, actionable insights, and highly differentiated tools and technology.

While majoring in political science at UC Berkeley, Ron unleashed his curiosity for what makes governments tick. As a Wharton MBA student, Ron was awarded a fellowship for public sector leadership, scholarship, and commitment. College internships with the City of Berkeley and the City of Philadelphia also provided an important introduction to the special challenges of local government.

Ron spent the first 11 years of his professional career as a management consultant advising Fortune 1000 companies and public sector organizations. During this time, he also served 3 mayors as a member of the San Francisco Mayor’s Fiscal Advisory Committee.

Today, he continues to champion indispensable research for lead generation, share it with customers to help grow their business with local governments, and continually optimize the experience for ease of use and value of service.

Kate Hannah

Chief Product Officer

Kate Hannah

Kate joined Power Almanac in March 2021 to lead Product and Operations. She is in charge of product strategy and user experience, and oversees all teams responsible for optimizing Power Almanac’s data-driven contact database of local government officials.

Kate’s career in technology began in 1999, when she joined a brand-new startup that introduced casual online sports wagering in the European market. After a year in that operations role at Flutter.com–
where she helped build the San Francisco-based engineering team from the ground up– she transitioned into product management. There she found her passion for building exceptional product teams.

After moving to Romania in 2007 to help build Flutter’s largest technology team, Kate returned to the Bay Area. There she established a technology team to integrate with and enhance the recent acquisition of TVG, operator of an online betting network.

As VP of Product at Auction.com, Kate built the product management and design practice from the ground up, innovating the way buyers and sellers research and invest in residential real estate. Kate’s
team was instrumental in the successful launch of the Ten-X commercial real estate marketplace.

During a two-year sabbatical to recharge her batteries and pursue a few hobbies, Kate became a Certified Salesforce Administrator. To this day, she continues to provide pro bono Salesforce support to two non-profits of which she cares about deeply.

Courtney Fischbach

Chief Marketing Officer

Courtney became CMO of Power Almanac in April 2021.  With 20 years’ experience in Digital Marketing, she brings a holistic approach to the company’s content marketing strategy.  She understands that authenticity is the differences between conversion and irrelevance, and believes every message is a promise that should position the brand above all others. 

In 2012, at Legg Mason Asset Management, she implemented effective SEO and profitable SEM foundational strategies to ensure first page ranking in search engines.  Promoted to VP of Social Media two years later, she wrote global social campaigns to engage and nurture unique client segments, driving positive affinity and demand.  She also launched the company’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram programs by applying social best practices to profile pages and content.

Earlier in her career, as Email Marketer for The Metropolitan Museum of Art and then for Time, Inc, she drove audience growth by directing highly relevant messages.  And as Digital Content Manager at Dyson Vacuums, she learned the power of audience segmentation to unlock customer insights and leverage trends. 

From calculated planning to tactical execution, Courtney has explored a wide variety of voices, themes, product categories, and industries– all with the conscious intent to nurture relationships.  She is thrilled to be part of Power Almanac, and create conversion opportunities that translate into sales.