We Believe

We believe that local governments function more effectively when they’re served by the right suppliers. Their employees and elected officials are more productive and more contented in their roles. And, most importantly, their communities are better served.

Our mission is to make it easy for suppliers to connect with key decision makers in the right local governments. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to researching and providing the most accurate local government sales and marketing intelligence possible.

Our Promise


Our meticulous research processes mean you can rely on getting highly accurate names and contact details.  But REAL accuracy is more than correct names and emails. Real accuracy means reaching the exact decision makers that have responsibilities related to your product or service. Our proprietary ROLE IntelligenceTM makes that possible.


We don’t cover just “some” local governments, or the easy ones.  We cover virtually ALL of them representing a population of 1,000 or more. And when we cover a role, we give you the contact info for ALL the decision makers in that role.  The only way to be this comprehensive is by calling every government – over and over again. 


No short cuts. We acquire our information the personal way — by explaining who we are over the phone, and asking for contact data directly from the governments themselves. Our 100% phone verified records are 2x more accurate than web scraping. And by calling all 21,000+ local governments every 3 months, the average age of our records is 11 weeks.


Local governments and suppliers are under unprecedented economic pressure. We seek to add value in our relationships with these organizations through the data we provide, the content we publish, and in every individual interaction.

People First

Our highly-valued team of researchers, engineers, marketers, leadership teams, and more are given the resources, training, tools and support they need to ensure we attract and retain the best talent possible.

ROLE IntelligenceTM

By targeting a local government official by his or her job title, you’re missing the mark.  Title alone provides little indication as to what the person’s duties actually are.  ROLE IntelligenceTM empowers you to access records organized by clear ROLES with precisely defined responsibilities.

Leadership Team

Ron Mester

CEO & Founder

Ron Mester

The common theme running through Ron’s career is giving clients a competitive edge. As a CEO of market research, software, and AI companies, he leads teams to deliver hard-to-get data, actionable insights, and highly differentiated tools and technology.

Ron spent the first 11 years of his professional career as a management consultant advising Fortune 1000 companies and public sector organizations. During this time, he also served 3 mayors as a member of the San Francisco Mayor’s Fiscal Advisory Committee.

Today, Ron serves on the advisory board for both CivicPulse and CivStart.  And he loves brainstorming with companies about how they can grow their local government business and how Power Almanac can keep delivering more value.

Steve Machesney

EVP, Client Solutions

Steve is a 3-time Power Almanac subscriber, and former GovTech marketing leader, who has generated a lot of local government pipeline.

Before discovering Power Almanac, he tried a lot of ways to build local government prospect lists (unsuccessfully). Now he wants to share what he has learned and help you prospect local governments with confidence.

When Steve isn’t thinking about local government pipeline he enjoys sailing on tall ships and dreams about the day he’ll build his own boat.

Kavish Kasbekar

Chief Product Officer

Kavish comes from a consulting background with over two decades of experience in Process and Product design. His work has benefited several global organizations allowing them to unlock their productivity and accelerate their growth.

As Power Almanac’s Chief Product Officer, Kavish drives all of our product enhancement efforts. His aim is to help subscribers maximize the value of their subscriptions. He’s also the driving force behind internal process improvements that allow us to maintain 97% accuracy while dramatically expanding the number of roles covered.